PDC To Host Pasadena Tournament of Roses Student Ambassador Program on November 6

Phoenix Decorating Company will open its doors to host the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Student Ambassador Program on Thursday, November 6. The program, which began in 1998, was started to expand the Tournament of Roses outreach to young people in the community, beyond just the Queen and Court Program. The students who are invited to the program live in the Trustee Area of the Pasadena Area Community College District.

Chuck Hayes (Sponsor Relations), Sean McMinimy (Production Manager) and Brian Dancel (Communications/Media Relations) will be on hand to guide the students through the facility. Among the floats that are currently under construction are; Honda, United Sikh Mission, Farmers Insurance, Western Asset and Princess Cruises.

The trio will explain the several stages of making a Rose Parade float to give the students a better understanding of how a Rose Parade float is made and discuss the functions of their jobs in the float building process.

The Student Ambassadors attend many events throughout the course of the year. Following a September Orientation, they attend monthly training meetings from October-December. Once official Tournament of Roses activities begin in December, the Student Ambassadors will interact with visiting bands, equestrian groups and other parade related events and provide assistance to a host of Tournament Committees working directly with parade dignitaries and the general public at many pre and post parade Tournament events.