The City of Hope…a Powerful Float!

We are completely humbled right now to be working on the City of Hope’s 2011 float entry, “The Power of Hope!” Lets get something straight first. The City of Hope is not a nickname for Duarte, but instead is the nation’s leading research, treatment and education centers for cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases, which resides in Duarte. They have participated in the parade for years in association with the City of Duarte but now have decided to branch off on their own and have a float that represents The City of Hope 100%. We are excited to be helping them with this great move. Now on to talk about the float!

The float features a replica of the “Spirit of Hope” fountain and sculpture found at the main entrance of the facility in Duarte. Metal artisans are carefully crafting each rod to shape it to match the

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real fountain perfectly. The real challenge is going to come in duplicating the bronze looking sculpture on the top. Floral Director Lyn Lofthouse has her work cut out for her in coming up with a detail plan to showcase the family on top of the fountain. Spices or seeds is the question? We won’t know the answer until dry decoration starts in December.

Beyond the artistic nature of the sculpting being done is the name of the float. “The Power of Hope!” Just say it out loud. The theme unleashes positive thoughts instantly and to anyone who has seen first hand what the City of Hope does, these thoughts are twofold. Hope is something that unites people together. We are proud to be getting just a small glimpse into what the City of Hope does in attending to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the entire family as well as those of the patients who are there.

We are proud and honored to have this float being constructed in our float facility right now!