Chris Lofthouse | President/CEO

Chris has unsurpassed knowledge of every element of the Rose Parade float construction and decorating business. He has been the pioneer of cutting edge technology, hydraulics, animatronics, computer systems association and mobile technology application bewildering many.

Chris is directly involved in client presentations, recommendations, execution development and oversees the building of each float. He influences his employees and clients with clear honesty and communication where feedback permits effectiveness.

PDC has also been known to build floats for other distinctive events: Coca Cola 100th Anniversary Celebration, Orange Bowl Parade, Kentucky Derby Festival, Indianapolis 500 Festival Parade, and National Day Celebration in Singapore.


Lyn Lofthouse | COO/Floral Director

Lyn Lofthouse has been with Phoenix Decorating Company since its incorporation over thirty years ago. As Floral Director, she is responsible for the final decision on floral and all other decorating materials that are used on every Phoenix float. Lyn spends the entire year researching, selecting and ordering the floral products needed to cover every inch of every float the company creates.

Lyn surveys each float in meticulous detail. She then coordinates and mentors her team of AIFD designers and assistants along with a multitude of dedicated volunteers to ensure that all fresh flowers and decorating materials are designed and orchestrated to create our floral float masterpieces.