Can I just show up to decorate?
We have thousands of people who come through our barn to volunteer. Please sign up ahead of time with the Petal Pushers or the Kiwanis international Rose Float Project. More information is available from the Petal Pushers and the Kiwanis Rose Float Decorators.


How old do I need to be to volunteer?
Due to insurance issues volunteers must be 13 years and older. No exceptions can be made.

How long do I have to volunteer for?
You must work a full eight hour shift.

Can I request to volunteer on a specific float?
No, we do not accept request for specific floats.

When we arrive to decorate, where do I check in?
You can check in at the volunteer coordinator table.

What time should I arrive at if I am signed up to decorate?
You should check in an hour prior to the start of your shift.

Where do we park when we go to volunteer?
Parking is available at Phoenix Decorating, Rose Float Plaza South, located at 5400 Irwindale Avenue at Ornelas Street, Irwindale, CA 91706. Please follow the posted signs to park.

Can I bring a lunch?
Yes, you can bring lunch if you can leave it in the car. We do not have storage areas and no food is allowed in the building.

Do I need to bring scissors or any other supplies?
All supplies needed for decoration are available at the float facility. However, if you have a pair of scissors that fit your hands perfectly, feel free to bring them. You may be doing a lot of cutting and we understand that some scissors just fit certain hands better than others. (Phoenix cannot be responsible though for any scissors left behind or misplaced.)

What should I wear?
Wear old but warm clothing and sturdy shoes with closed toe and heel.

Can we view the floats being decorated at your facility?
Viewing is available from the Tournament of Roses during the week of December 26th. Please contact the Tournament of Roses regarding the dates, times and costs.

Do you know where I can purchase parade tickets?
Tickets are available for purchase from Sharp Seating.

Where can I obtain information on lodging and RV parking?
You can contact the Pasadena Convention & Visitors Bureau at (626)795-9311.